About this site

Cadiz 3 Populo

The Pópulo district of Cádiz, España.

Welcome! This site has many purposes: to be a resource for my Spanish students and for my World Languages teacher colleagues, as well as a collection of my own reflections, discoveries and musings about my chosen profession and other interests.   It is also a place to learn about flamenco and to see my photography.   To read my blog entries, use the menu on the right.  To see resources for Spanish students and teachers, click on those headings on the menu above.  To learn about flamenco and find out about learning flamenco in Salem and Portland, Oregon, click on Flamenco on the menu above.  To see my photography (and maybe purchase prints or other photography art), click on Doña Julia Photography on the menu above.  Thanks for visiting!


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Doña Julia


1 Response to About this site

  1. Laura says:

    Me encanta! Felicidades, Julie. xoxoxo

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