Day 1: Madrid, part 2

After a quick refresh and walk around town, my new friend Angela and I met my former student Brittany at our hotel.  Brittany, who graduated from Lakeridge High School in 2009, is now living in Madrid and teaching English.  It was so great to see her and catch up, and she is a GREAT informal tour guide.  We met around 6:00 and she showed us all her favorite spots.  We took the metro into the center and started out at the Mercado San Miguel, one of Madrid’s foodie spots and a great place to try all kinds of tapas, paella, wines, and other specialties.  4031 edit mercado de san miguel4042 edit barnacles4010 edit mercado san miguel 1

Here’s my friend Angela with some octopus that was so good, even I, a non-octopus-eater, really liked it!

4039 edit pulpo

After our delicious walk through Mercado San Miguel, we headed to the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, and then through various parts of Madrid to the Plaza Santa Ana.  Here are a few street views from that walk.


Our personal walking tour led us to Plaza Santa Ana, where we had a lovely dinner at an outdoor café in the Plaza.


Our next stop on our tour of Brittany’s favorite places in Madrid took us to La Venencia, a sherry bar dating to the 1930´s, said to have been one of Hemingway’s favorite spots.  Unfortunately photos aren’t allowed inside the bar, but it’s almost as charming from the outside.

4058 edit venencia signature

Our last stop of the evening was the Chocolatería San Ginés.  We had walked by earlier in the evening and decided to return for a late night snack of churros y chocolate, like many madrileños do at this Madrid landmark.

4064 edit san gines 2

4046 edit san gines

Next stop: Jerez!


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2 Responses to Day 1: Madrid, part 2

  1. Daal says:

    So grateful for your allowing readers to live vicariously through your blog! Good writing, pretty photos — the chocolate photo makes me drool.

  2. Laura says:

    Loved this, Julie. And Part 1 as well. I’ll keep this as a reference to send to people on the Flamenco Tour who want to visit Madrid first!

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